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MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION YBO CONSTRUCTION Karabulak Village Pension School Primary School Construction.
ERZURUM 12TH REGIONAL DIRECTORATE NORTH BELT HIGHWAY Earthworks, art structures and BSK construction supply work.
UZBEKISTAN-TASKENT CITY AND BELT HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION WORKS Production and Laying of Asphalt Concrete Mixture, Transfer, Management, Coordination, Project Implementation and Management Work.
3RD REGIONAL DIRECTORATE OF HIGHWAYS AYR-HUYUK ARGITHANI ROAD (KM: 0 + 000-6 + 500 and 34 + 300 55 + 000) Earth leveling, art structures and superstructure road construction work.
ERZURUM 12TH REGIONAL DIRECTORATE AĞRI-HAMUR ROAD Art structures, earthworks, base with plantmix, sub base with plantmix, bituminous base, binder and corrosion works.